What is Web Hosting?
Why should I choose IP.GR for my site's hosting? 
Should I use Greek Web Hosting only for .gr domains?
Why should I choose Greek Web Hosting?

Host your website in Greek servers at 4.60 €

Web Hosting with cPanel and free SSL certificate

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Why should I choose
Greek Web Hosting?

We offer servers in Greece. If you wish to host your website in a greek datacenter, with a greek IP then we have the solution for you.

Our servers are self-owned and located in a data center a few meters from our headquarters. This makes it easier for our team to get instantly to the physical location of the datacenter for the oversight, maintenance and upgrade of the equipment.

Support our locals.
If you wish to support the efforts of greek providers and IT companies then you have one more reason to choose a greek datacenter. Living in Greece, we have every reason to make greek companies more competitive.

What does IP.GR's Greek Web Hosting contain?

With every web hosting in Greek servers you will also get free setup, unlimited email accounts, subdomains, email forwarders, autoresponders, vacation messages and ftp accounts, as well as detailed statistics of visits to your site, spam filters and antivirus for your safety. You will also get your webmail for viewing your emails wherever you are.
Moreover, you will have access to multiple applications ready for installation with a single click!
IP.GR's Greek web hosting packs start at at 4.60€.

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